Message from the Chair
Donovan Molloy, Information and Privacy Commissioner

Donovan Molloy

“We Are Not Alone - Building One Community for Information Management, Security, Access and Privacy Professionals” is the theme of the 2016 APSIM Conference. To this end, we have worked with a team of partners that ensures all four of the professional groups and that all public bodies and custodians are represented.

These four professional groups have much in common but spend much time working in isolation. This APSIM Conference will build bridges between these groups and deepen understanding of what each group contribute to the protection, handling and securing of the information we all hold.

This year we are working hard to provide this conference at no cost to participants. We recognize that we are a time of fiscal restraint and the resultant strain on providing professional development opportunities. We are very proud of the product that our team has put together and hope to continue to provide the caliber of presentations you have come to expect.

I would like to thank the members of the steering committee: Lori Collins of the College of the North Atlantic; Donna O’Toole of the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Michael Bannister of the Department of Health and Community Services; Rosemary Thorne of Memorial University’s Information Access and Privacy Office; Lisa Badcock and Rodney Hynes of Eastern Health; Victoria Woodworth-Lynas of the ATIPP Office, Department of Justice and Public Safety; Michael Clair of the Harris Centre at Memorial University; Ken March of the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information; and Sean Murray and Janet O’Reilly of my Office.

This conference offers topics that will interest all professionals who work in the information management, security and access and privacy fields. The topics covered capture the interest of all the communities impacted by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 and the Personal Health Information Act and we are honoured to be able to foster this educational opportunity.

Personally, as the newly appointed Information and Privacy Commissioner, I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet and speak with the key stakeholders in these areas. I hope these conversations can lead to finding efficiencies and common ground upon which to build our community.

Thank you for your interest in our APSIM 2016 Conference. I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email